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I bought my Asolo hiking boots at the REI in Anchorage, Alaska 12 years ago, and have loved them since I first tried them on. I actually paid full price which doesn’t happen often. Their last hike was in Steamboat Springs a couple of weeks ago when, inevitably, the soles fells apart (I had super glued them once 

already). They never gave me blisters and took such great care of me through all my trips – the Rockies, Easter Island, Everest Base Camp, everywhere. I got caught in a tropical storm in Costa Rica and it rained so much that my passport molded – but my feet stayed warm and dry.  100% reliable.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about my old, beloved hiking boots. It exemplifies my philosophy as a consumer and business owner: developing well-designed, quality products that become a reliable “go-to,” and can come along on any journey. I always packed my Asolos on any hiking trip, just as I pack my Everyday Sabbatical pieces on all my trips. It makes packing easy peasy – and shouldn’t something in our lives be easy these days?

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