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I took advantage of this vacation to put all my Everyday Sabbatical clothes to test the clothes in a real-life travel situation. I took loads of selfies for social media posts (yes, I was that annoying person on the beach with a selfie stick). I took two shorts, two pants, two long-sleeve tops, three sleeveless tops, two sleeveless dresses and one off-shoulder top. (I forgot to pack the dress with sleeves, which I regretted because it was chilly.)
Everything worked as designed. The shorts were super cute, comfy and I could sit on the beach without the leg  opening gaping (and sand getting in).The pants are just so versatile, and I layered the long-sleeve top over the sleeveless top because it was hot hiking up the sand dune but chilly up top with the wind and pelting sand. The off-shoulder top was perfect for an easy, breezy casual look, and the sleeveless dresses were fantastic for walking on the beach and visiting wineries.
I found that the fabric seems to hide sand and “normal” dirt pretty well too, as I wore everything at least twice and sometimes three times. And, they’re thin and soft enough to cushion wine bottles! Talk about versatile.

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