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It's time for fashion to work for women. Not the other way around.

From the runway to the department stores, from magazine ads to Insta-famous celebrities, we are inundated every day with other people's notions of how women should dress and what "fashion" should look like. And more often than not, these ideas completely forget that women don't spend their days posing for pictures.

Where's the fashion for the kick-ass boss running from one meeting to the next? Where's the fashion for the working mom moving from office to grocery store to carpool to home and back to the office again? Where's the fashion for the global travelers? The community leaders? The avid gardeners? The lifelong learners? The it-takes-a-village-ers?  And what if they are the same woman?

At Everyday Sabbatical, we believe the solution is right here, and it's been designed and produced to meet all those needs and more. Because yes, sometimes we have time for mimosas on the patio. But more often than not, we're managing careers, families, goals, plans, and dreams. We have long to-do lists, and figuring out what to wear in the morning shouldn't be on them.

Everyday Sabbatical clothing is designed to let women cross off everything from their to-do lists with confidence, comfort, and style. These are items that you can count on: To fit comfortably and move with you no matter what's on your daily agenda. To mix-and-match effortlessly with accessories you already love. To remind women that their amazing bodies, no matter how they might change with time, give them the gift of being able to kick ass every day.

There are lots of designers out there. But there's only one that wants you to have versatile, effortless, staple pieces that are ready to wear when you are - all day, everyday. Welcome to Everyday Sabbatical.