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Not Alone

Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
Not Alone

Last week I signed off the newsletter with “You are not alone.” 

Within hours of my email, the same words were echoed by Princess Catherine of Wales as she revealed she was undergoing treatment for cancer after wide speculation and gossip (I admit that I’m part of the problem because I read it all).

It’s also the title of a song by Emeli Sandé. Everyone’s fighting a battle that we don’t always see. We cannot change how others act but we can work on how we react and respond. In the thick of it, it’s nice to know we are not alone.  And from all the texts I received, I’m definitely not alone <heart, heart>

As another wonderful friend said, “the world can’t really handle us.” It’s not our job to be understood or broken down into manageable bits.  We are who we are - and it can’t be any other way.  #Defiant. #Proud.  Lots of love with a heavy dose of rebellion.

XOXO, Mini

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