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Actually Ashley…

Posted by Ashley Dodge on
Actually Ashley…

Why I love Everyday Sabbatical

It was Summer of 2022 and Mini reached out about moving abroad. She was looking for help fulfilling orders, attending pop-ups, and help with marketing.

Of course I said yes! I practically lived in the All-Around Shorts. That is… until I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant later that fall.

The 24/7 Pants with the wide waist band were so nice and comfortable, but in my second trimester I outgrew them and passed them along to a friend.

My growing bump was hard to hide by the time we had a photo shoot for the Pashminas & Scarves in December. We did pop-ups throughout the Spring until just days before my son arrived on July 4th, 2023. It’s been an exciting time!

Post-partum weight is TOUGH but the Everywhere Dress is so forgiving that it’s the only professional work dress that fits. Today, I’m writing to you in the Effortless Long-Sleeve Top but I love to go Sleeveless too.

Life has its ups and downs. Our weight and the way we feel about our bodies also fluctuates. I love the way Everyday Sabbatical was designed by women, for women, with real life role models. 

Know someone who would enjoy Everyday Sabbatical? Consider sending them a gift card so they can shop for what works for them!

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P.S. Interview with Mini Kil, founder of Everyday Sabbatical 

Actually Ashley…  is a video series Ashley Dodge hosts on LinkedIn LIVE. Mini joined to share her story. Let us know what you think?  


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