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Speaking of taking the 24/7 Pants for a hike, I cannot adequately express how happy I am that spring has arrived! Getting out of the house, soaking up the vitamin D and fresh air is really what my soul needs right now.
This part of the newsletter is where I usually share a little tip or trick I’ve picked up over the years. Since so many of you have recently joined the Everyday Sabbatical universe, let’s go back and revisit some favorites that will work great for welcoming spring! Here’s my review of Pedal Assist Bikes to help you get out, about, and around wherever you are. Taking your bike to a picnic? Be sure to pack a Wine Skin to keep your bottle safe along the way. Since spring is all about refreshing and renewing, here’s my take on skin care for you. And if you love all the buds and blossoms coming to life, but have trouble cultivating your own green thumb, try my fake plant hack around the house.
Thanks and welcome to everyone who’s here for this Everyday Sabbatical journey. Enjoy the start of spring, and please follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and share your favorite parts of this new season!

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