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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
The past month has been a whirlwind. Granted, it’s a whirlwind completely of my own making, and it’s all good things, but wow! I realized that I need to pace my life better. I never understood the “balance life…blah, blah, blah” because I just couldn’t relate to it (although I knew it sounded way healthier than my very intense, type-A approach to life and living).

This month of juggling a full-time job, working Everyday Sabbatical, volunteering for Minds Matter on a project, starting sewing lessons, condo shopping in this insane housing market and planning renovations, etc! Obviously, I was putting myself through a lot. While I was cycling on my bike (which I still love), I had an insightful moment: Any opportunity I have to pace the big life stuff better, I should. I’m not sure that’s actually possible, but I’m giving myself props for having the insight and self-awareness to realize something had to change. What it comes down to is, I want to have the energy and focus to enjoy every part of my life, otherwise, why go through the motions? Do you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts

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