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Posted by Mini, Founder on

Super random tip today. This is something that I learned while I was in Peace Corps Bolivia. If you have a burn, but have no aloe or cream, cut a thin slice of onion, put it directly on the burn, and tape it in place. You will smell, as my sister said, "like a Chinese restaurant," but it works!

I’m sure Google can tell you the science behind why it works, but I can tell you from first-hand experience that it simply does. I was on a passenger on a motorbike (a Peace Corps “no-no,” but what wasn't?) and we were going through the Amazon jungle from the teeny village of Salvatierra, Bolivia to an even teenier village. The ride was fine but as I got off the motorbike, my ankle came in contact with the exhaust - Ouch! Someone said, "put an onion on it," and since we didn’t have anything else, that's what I did. It quickly soothed the burn and helped it heal. Plus, no burn scars! There are onions in every country and kitchen in the world (except maybe FG's), so this is one of those tips that's both inexpensive and easily accessible - my favorite kind!

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