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Posted by Mini, Founder on

Sometimes, it’s super hard to find that right gift to bring to a friend’s house when they have generously invited you for drinks, dinner, and conversation. Wine is definitely an option, but I find people are more specific in their wine tastes nowadays. Candles and anything scent-y is also very subjective. Then there's chocolate, which - shockingly! - not everyone likes. And sometimes, people really don’t want more stuff. Yes, this is a first-world problem – although a gesture of “thank you” is universal.

I now have a new "go to" host/ess gift: Cards. Yep, cards again! I buy boxes of beautiful blank cards, when they are on sale, and give them as host/ess gifts. If you know the person really well, you can buy individual cards and wrap a bow around them. Everyone needs a birthday or thank you card at some point, so the gift won't go to waste. They also take up very little space, never go bad, are inexpensive, won’t break, and are things most people don't collect - except yours truly and I love getting cards!

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