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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
I love it when people email me about a story and share their own tips.

Lauren, my content writer/guru, saves every single candle jar to use for something. She visited her candle-loving sister a couple of weeks ago and brought home a dozen candles that were almost burned all the way down and wouldn't light anymore. She bought some wicks, melted down the old candles to "re-pot" them into smaller jars. Sooo satisfying to reuse stuff and get every last bit of candle goodness!
Lauren recommends a high-temp glue gun for placing the wicks (I tried Elmers and it doesn’t work so I just ordered a glue  gun). I also love how she macgyver'd a way to keep the wick taut and upright while pouring the wax. She wraps the extra-long wick around a chopstick! I can’t wait to try it.

Another friend, ML, suggested tying a little nut or bolt at the end of the wick for a counterweight. I’m going to try this too! I will follow-up after the next batch of homemade candles.

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