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Sharing My Voice

Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
Sharing My Voice


Many of you have noticed that EDS is more active (again) on social media and in general.  It’s been and continues to be a journey.  Adjusting to the new job, moving to Panama, being homesick (even at 49 years-old) and day-to-day life took more of my energy last year than I understood and acknowledged.  I just didn’t have the creative capacity for EDS.

EDS has been and is the vehicle for me to expand my horizons, to create something from an idea into a business, and to be creative.  But, I hadn’t really leaned into EDS as a vehicle to share my voice.  If anything, I pulled away from it because it felt too personal and private.  

It still does, but recently, I feel differently.   As I’ve chatted with many of you about the state of work/corporate environment, society, family … real life stuff, I've wanted an outlet to write, share experiences and views.  

So, I’m taking the LEAP (in this Leap year) and this will be the next pivot for me and EDS.  I’m not sure exactly how it’ll manifest but … we’ll see. I trust you all to be honest in your feedback, as you always are. 

Stay tuned.  

XOXO, Mini


Today only happens once every 4 years … kinda bonkers, right?  I would not have even realized it except Ashley pointed it out to me (Thanks Ashley!)

We get an extra day this year to drink coffee in the morning, tell people we love “I love you”, plan trips, have epiphanies, laugh with friends, make mistakes … and leap for joy - or all of the above because it’s a whole extra 24 hours!

How are you spending it?  Whatever it is, let us know by tagging us @everydaysabbatical!  



These tailored beauties flatter with a flat elastic front and a stretchy, non-elastic bottom band so the only thing flashing is Jackie’s camera seen here.

Leap, dance, bend, flex… you do YOU with the confidence of comfort and a droop-free bottom. Super soft fabric and did we mention POCKETS?

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