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Posted by Mini, Founder on

POCKETS.  I think everything should have at least one pocket. Seriously. Lip balm, eyeglasses, phone – we always have something to carry. Why do our only options seem to be carrying a purse (fine, but not always ideal), or having our hands full? This nonsense has to stop.

Fun fact: the original pocket for the Everyday Dress was designed with the opening along the waistline. But when we tested the prototypes, we noticed that all the women intuitively put their hands on the side when looking for a pocket, so the placement was awkward.  

Back at the drawing board, Keti had the brilliant idea to tuck the pocket in the wrap skirt panel, so it's hidden and doesn’t detract from the clean lines, but stays conveniently useful and comfortable. The hidden pocket definitely complicates the dress construction and production, but it's these details that make this dress so versatile and comfy - for your everyday, everywhere.

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