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Posted by Mini, Founder on

I like wearing shorts, but I was really tired of running shorts being the only comfy option - especially when I'm not wearing them for running (or, in my case, shuffling). I hate how the elastic gripped my waist and how I had to sit a certain way so I didn't accidentally flash people. No one should have to change how they hold their body to be comfortable in their own clothes!

I designed these shorts to be comfy, versatile and polished. The thigh band shapes to your thigh, so it doesn’t grip uncomfortably, but it also doesn't flip up (so annoying).

I’ve heard so many women say that they don’t wear shorts because they don’t like their legs. Accomplished, smart, well-educated, funny, renaissance women. It’s absolutely important that we feel great in what we wear, but these comments always give me pause. Men wear shorts all the time, and I guarantee they don't think twice about how their legs look. My goal with these shorts is to increase comfort to increase confidence. I hope that shows.

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