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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
“Sustainability” means so many things to so many people and brands. It’s overly used in apparel – the word, not the concept or mission. Have you heard the term “greenwashing?” It’s when a company spends more time and money on marketing themselves as environmentally friendly than on minimizing their environmental impact. It’s similar to how food companies overuse the word “natural.”

I’d like to share what “sustainability” means to Everyday Sabbatical. Simply, it means producing less waste. I’ve kept all my fabric scraps (the photo below is just one of many bagfuls), until I can create something useful with them. I’ve kept the packaging minimal with a simple mailer, which I recently switched to a recycled poly (more about that next week). I adore beautiful packaging with gorgeous boxes, stickers, tissue paper and ribbons (I mean who doesn’t?), but that just creates more trash – and that’s just a waste for everyone, including the environment.

Isabelle, my amazing intern who is passionate about sustainability, will share more with you over the next few weeks, starting with her insights below.

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