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SUSTAINABILITY, Part 3 – Isabelle

Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
SUSTAINABILITY, Part 3 – Isabelle

We set out this sustainability assessment project with the goal of creating real, meaningful solutions to Everyday Sabbatical’s fabric scraps problem. The verdict is in— sustainability is not easy nor inexpensive. Going green doesn’t always guarantee a win-win situation, it is difficult to be both cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

Over the course of this project, I created several prototypes that were designed and made from Everyday Sabbatical’s fabric waste scraps:  a hair scrunchy, small bags and a bra (see photo). As a small and growing business, however, most options weren’t feasible due to limited resources. From developing designs to sewing samples, it took more than 6 months to research and explore solutions. It takes more time and money to make something out of scraps than from “fresh” fabric – and there’s no guarantee upcycling fabric scraps will get rid of all waste, some scraps can still be left behind. Ultimately, this project didn’t yield a positive financial return to justify expanding our collection with pieces made from deadstock fabric.
Eco-friendly alternatives were also considered to replace the existing plastic packaging currently used for our shipping.  There is better news on this front.  We found and switched to a more eco-friendly mailer. (See below)  

Sustainability is an important topic that deserves to be at the forefront of fashion. Everyday Sabbatical doesn’t pretend to have ready-made solutions to its fabric and shipping waste problem. But, if we can at least recognize how even our smallest actions can create huge impacts on the environment, we can work towards a more sustainable future. We'll continue to explore upcycling the deadstock into rugs and blankets - and will keep you updated.


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