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Denver Life Magazine by SAHALE GREENWOOD (May 1, 2024)

Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
Denver Life Magazine by SAHALE GREENWOOD (May 1, 2024)

Everyday Sabbatical: Fashion for Women on the Move

Everyday Sabbatical designs clothing for the modern woman on the move.


Mini Kil is redefining what fashion should look like with her new line Everyday Sabbatical. “We are inundated every day with other people’s notions of how women should dress,” Kil says. “More often than not, these ideas completely forget that women don’t spend their days posing for pictures.” Everyday Sabbatical designs elegant pieces that seamlessly transition from the office to the after-work flight to the late-night dinner date. It’s clothing that allows you to comfortably and confidently cross off everything on your to-do list.

For someone like Kil who never hits pause, on-the-go attire is a must, especially while traveling. “I’ve lived in seven cities on four continents and have traveled to 48 states,” Kil shares. “I’ve been to places I only thought existed in National Geographic: Patagonia, Easter Island, Burning Man, Petra, Portugal, and Nepal.” All of her thoughtfully and sustainably designed garments are versatile, making for light packing. In the morning, throw on the Effortless Sleeveless Top with a light jacket for a morning walk, let the shoulder shine during the day, and in the evening, dress it up with a necklace and blazer.

Each garment is crafted from bamboo, a sustainable and soothing clothing material, and designed to feature clean lines and convenient pockets. There are no zippers or drawstrings, and everything is machine washable—a must for clothes you entrust to the hotel’s laundry service. “Drawstrings are my personal pet peeve. It lets the wearer define her waist, but it’s constricting. I mean, think about how often you’ve had to retie a drawstring to breathe or move comfortably.” With Everyday Sabbatical’s pieces, which are hand-sewn by talented seamstresses in Denver, you can breathe easy knowing that what little you packed has you completely covered.

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