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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
I think we could all use a laugh this week, so I highly recommend checking out "The Graham Norton Show" on BBC America and YouTube. Graham Norton is a British comedian and talk show host and is brill (as in brilliant). He chats with four celebs (usually a mix of American and British actors, musicians and other creatives) together on a red couch and they are almost always drinking booze. But that is not why it’s so good. Ok, maybe it plays a little part in loosening up the guests, but he and his producers really do their research and dig up little known nuggets about their guests.  These little nuggets are almost always funny and slightly embarrassing but nothing hurtful or crass. The interactions between the guests are also fantastic so you get a really good sense of the person. It doesn't feel like an interview but like a bunch of friends hanging out in fancy clothes.
He’s also known to be a really good, down-to-earth, funny person in real life too. A++.  LOVE!

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