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I’ve moved a lot – and could not keep track of where I lived when or traveled to, which is a problem when filling out visas and the TSA Global Entry application. So about 15 years ago, I created a very simple “life timeline”. It’s a word doc with year and major milestones in bullets below. Nothing elaborate. It’s not a journal, just the facts.  I update it 1-2 times a year.

It’s evolved into a bit more. I still list the basics (addresses, trips, visitors, milestone moments) but I also add a theme to the year. The theme is not meant to be a resolution. It’s directional. And usually towards the end of the year, I’ll update the theme on how the year really went. I themed 2020 as “2020: Year that Life Gets Real” – and I had no idea how true that would be.  Eeeek.

When I have those moments when I feel that I’ve done nothing in my life, I scan my Timeline – and the easy, consolidated trip down memory lane helps give me perspective and makes me smile.

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