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Jap Chae is a classic Korean noodle dish that is simple to make but seems overly fussy in the NYT. I'm going to share it like my mom would - without any measurements - hence, the the recipe-ISH caveat.
Welcome to my cooking world!
1. Cook Korean jap chae (glass) noodles (which are naturally gluten free). If you make more than intended, the noodles freeze well.

2. Cut the following ingredients to similar size and SEPARATELY saute each ingredient with a bit of salt for seasoning. I once asked mom why they couldn't be sauteed together since they end up in the same dish and she looked at me as if I told her that I had killed someone.
  1. Onion - Any
  2. Carrots - I cheat and buy the pre-shredded bag.
  3. Mushrooms - Shitakes are recommended due to their low water content but they can be stupid expensive so any mushrooms work, just drain the excess water after you saute them.
  4. Spinach - Blanch first and squeeze water out before sauteeing.
  5. Beef - Omit rather than using plant-based substitute - or never tell me.
3.  Mix everything together.  
4. Add soy sauce, sesame oil, little sugar, black pepper and ground sesame seeds.  You can add garlic but I prefer not to for a more delicate taste.

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