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Posted by Mini, Founder on

I know people thought it was strange that the Everyday Sabbatical line wasn’t initially available in black. Believe it or not, there is a reason! Black goes through a different dye process than the other colors because it's a combination of many, many colors. I'll also mention, for your education, that fabric is dyed in batches called “dye lots.” While the fabric in one dye lot will all be identical, the next lot might be slightly different from the first.

When I sampled the black fabric two years ago, it wasn’t as soft as the other fabrics, and it collected more lint. (It was a subtle difference, but I could tell.) The vendor told me that they would be getting a different dye lot in six months – so I waited and sampled the new lot. That did the trick! The new black dye lot was as soft and lovely as the other colors, and it became worthy of the quality I wanted to deliver. Sorry, it took so long but I think the wait is worth it!

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