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Identity is a funny thing. I am a woman. I am a business owner. I’m Korean American. I’m an immigrant. I’m an employee, and I’m single. I’m a daughter, aunt and a friend. The list goes on and on.

But I don’t wake up in the morning and say, “time to go be a female business owner,” or “where did I put those lady shoes that match my extroverted-introvert woman’s handbag?” Lately, I wake up just trying to remember when I last washed my hair (love a topknot).

As we welcome Women’s History Month and come up on International Women’s Day next week, I’m reminded of the paradox we have in front of us as women: We want to claim all the titles and roles we fill every day because we’re strong, capable women and we’ve earned it. We want to do it with less emphasis on the “female” qualifier – but we also don’t want to lose our femininity or gender identity in the process.

I truly hope that Everyday Sabbatical is helping women do just that. In our mission statement, I wrote that this brand “is designed to let women cross off everything from their to-do lists with confidence, comfort, and style.” That’s the goal. To get sh*t done and look great doing it – and to make the “look great” part so effortless that we can give more time to our goals and our accomplishments.

To continue supporting that mission this month, be sure to enter our giveaway for a free Effortless Long-Sleeve top, and remember that 25% of March sales will go to ALIGHT so we can help even more women find stability and success. Here's to everything we do for our families, ourselves, and each other … every-"omg-when-will-this-pandemic-freaking-end"-day.

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