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Posted by Mini, Founder on

My friend, CSH, a lawyer and mother of twin boys, emailed me recently with the gentle note to say I needed to lay off the "napping" message for Everyday Sabbatical. She told me no woman she knows has time to nap - they're just too busy.

She's 100% right. And her message made me realize that Everyday Sabbatical isn't about "lounging." It's about what you wear to "get sh*t done" throughout your day, everyday.

With that in mind, I'm taking time to revamp the brand and the website. I want it to reflect "a day in the life," and all the things women do throughout their days, and how Everyday Sabbatical clothing helps them achieve that. I've hired a talented photographer to shoot some new imagery, and am super excited for what's coming next. More details to follow in these weekly letters and on social media. Stay tuned!

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