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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on

By most measures, I’ve lived an “unconventional” life and have definitely made “unconventional” decisions (as noted by mom’s deep sighs). Let’s get real: “Unconventional” is a more formal way of saying “weird.” I am probably an unconventional person but bizarrely, I thought and expected myself to be a conventional entrepreneur and business owner. Ha!

Is entrepreneurship what I thought it would be? Kinda - lots of problems, ideas, opinions, organization, tasks, and decisions.

Does entrepreneurship feel like I thought it would? No, I thought I’d be freaking out and stressed as a new normal, but I’m pleasantly satisfied with what I’ve accomplished so far, which is an unfamiliar feeling since I’ve been anxious about everything my entire life. This isn’t to say it’s all sunshine and roses, but I’m not freaking out daily. I was very clear with myself that I wanted to enjoy the process regardless of the results because, statistically, the odds aren’t great for any new business. It also helps that it’s my money and there is no one I need to explain, justify or prove anything to. Amen.

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