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Thursday(ish): The Power of (ish)

Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
Thursday(ish): The Power of (ish)
I’ve actually written and succeeded in sending out the Thursday(ish) letter on Thursdays since I gave myself permission with the power of an (ish). By that I mean, I stopped putting so much pressure on myself, which contributed to my writer’s block and decreased the enjoyment of writing to you all - my friends and customers! Yep, the vicious cycle always comes from the voices in my own head.

I love adding an (ish) to things because it gets me unstuck, gives me permission to not get stuck in the “perfect” but just directionally move towards the goal and to see what happens.

Our education, society, media, and jobs have trained us that a deadline has to always be met. Well, ok. Yes. But when we focus on the “deadline” (especially manufactured ones), we tend to gloss over what’s really important: Delivering something meaningful and substantive. And isn’t that truly the commitment we make to each other?

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