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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
Part of the reason I started this newsletter is because I wanted to be transparent with all of you about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship (especially the kind that is not backed by a trust fund or venture capitalists, because so much of the media dramatizes it – to make the “story” more engaging).
I’ve really enjoyed all aspects of Everyday Sabbatical because I’m creating, learning new things and meeting awesome people. But I’m also grateful that I have a profession and job pays the bills. Otherwise, starting a business like Everyday Sabbatical, would be way less fun and way more stressful.

Although it’s hard juggling both, I feel like I’m getting into a better routine and time management now which is why the letters have been more “on time.” I honestly have zero idea how entrepreneurs with families, a 9-5 job, and side hustle do it all. I humbly bow down to them.

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