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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
As I mentioned previously, I started taking sewing lessons – and love feeling the fabric and having my hands do more than just type. The first step in learning how to sew is actually learning how to thread your sewing machine. I think this is the hardest part of the entire process. If you haven’t threaded a sewing machine, just know that you have to take the thread and put it through sewing’s version of an obstacle course. The thread winds through lots of places in the machine – and if you miss one, it won’t sew properly, and you’ll have a hot mess.

In doing this a few times, I became fascinated by the sewing machine, the inner mechanics and how it all works. The circuitous path for the thread is designed to create the perfect tension and balance. It’s truly amazing. The questions I’m left with are: Who invented the sewing machine? It has SO many parts – I want to know what they were thinking! And in this digital age, how is sewing still mechanical? I’m going to research and geek out on sewing machines and look forward to sharing my findings with you all.

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