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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that Keti and I are working on a scoop-neck design that will be translated into the Effortless Tops and the Everywhere Dresses. I think we’re close and would love your feedback! (And btw, this color is not the “chili” I mentioned last week. It’s more pink undertones than orange. Always testing new colors!)

This design takes advantage of how beautifully the fabric drapes, and adds a bit of modern elegance. You all know I love asymmetry because it makes something delightfully more interesting. This design also allows you to bend and lean without flashing the world and needing to readjust every time you move (a major pet peeve of mine). Now, we have to tweak lots of details and make sure it can actually be manufactured before creating all the size variations.

I’m also going to take this design and create a version for my bustier friends, which is how this all started. There will be more draping and space and a lower scoop to allow “the girls” their proper space. Many thanks to NN and EL for their feedback and guidance. Again, so lucky to have such great friends and customers because I really mean it: I design for the fabulous women in my life.

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