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Posted by Mini, Founder on
Brien, Johnathan and Dan on Photoshoot

I’m still absorbing and decompressing from last week’s photoshoot. Wow a lot happened in six hours! Here are answers to the two most common questions I've gotten since last Tuesday:

  1. Yes, I enjoyed the experience. Memories are about the people, and we had really good people. The vibe was relaxed, but focused, and everyone had a good time.
  2. Yes, I got the shots I wanted. However, I did wake up at 3am the next morning thinking about all the shots I should have tried or would have done differently. But isn't that true of any creative process? Brien took more than 700 pics, plus we have videos that Johnathan, the videographer, shot too. I love the clean, minimal looks that show off the clothes and their versatility.

Brien, Johnathan, and Dan (jack of all trades) are a fantastic team. You can tell that they are not only good friends but are a great, bro-mance team. Have you ever experienced a photo shoot? There’s so much to set-up and coordinate: lights, walls, camera positions, tons of camera and computer equipment, and just lots of “stuff." We had planned to shoot the video on different “set” but that didn’t work, so we improvised and figured out how to shoot video and photo together. It could’ve been chaotic, but with this great team, it wasn’t, and I'm so thankful for that and for their skills.

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