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What a strange year for holiday shopping. As a consumer, I was in the same boat as most of you: Heavy on the "add to cart," and light on actually shopping in a store with a cart. But as a small business owner, I hemmed and hawed for months about a holiday sales strategy. Should I offer seasonal discounts and promos like everyone else? Should I invest in digital ads and compete for the holiday business?

To be honest, neither felt quite right to me, even though both of those are well within the accepted methods of what retailers do. So I gave myself a pass this season to feel out the new holiday shopping landscape and determine the best path forward for Everyday Sabbatical. It’s incredibly counterintuitive but, as I mentioned in a previous letter, this industry is built on discounting and debt. Also, ES is too small and unknown to compete with the high-profile (read: big marketing budget) clothing brands that people are likely to gift. There's just too much holiday advertising “noise” for a small start-up to stand out, especially in a weird year like 2020.

Instead, I took a less traditional route and spent the money to rent a booth (aka, a steel shipping container) at The Cherry Creek Holiday Market. It was a choice very much in line with how I originally intended to bring Everyday Sabbatical to market - and it was awesome.

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