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Posted by Mini, Founder on

First of all, thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic feedback and compliments on the new website and brand. I'm relieved, grateful, and super excited. Now, I can confidently move forward and drive traffic to Everyday Sabbatical. Woohoo!

Now for the story of the new logo and tagline. It was obvious to me that Everyday Sabbatical needed a new logo to match its new brand. I turned straight to my logo guy, Hal. He's actually so much more than a "logo guy." He's an immensely talented creative director, designer, and photographer, whom I worked with at Sky in London. He advised me to go simple – and we did. Black, white, circle. Delightfully crisp, straightforward, clear, and versatile - just like Everyday Sabbatical.

The tagline is Lauren’s creation: Dress for the Life You Live. Today and Everyday. It amazes me how quickly talented folks can write or create something that would take me a long freakin’ time. I love this tagline because the focus is about your life and living - all the things you have to get done in a day, planned or unexpected - just like real life (not Kardashian life). And obviously, "Today and Everyday” works wonderfully well with “Everyday Sabbatical.”

Logos and taglines will evolve with the brand, but I'm happy to let these settle in for a while.



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