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Have you had one of “those” days that is just freakin’ hard, then something unexpectedly awesome happens that makes you feel 360 giddy – like the universe is giving you a boost?  Well, I was having one of those “why did I think this was a good idea” days. Then, I got an email from the non-profit, Energize Colorado, and … Everyday Sabbatical received a $15,000 grant. WOOHOO!

Energize Colorado received a block grant as part of the Cares Act and is giving out grants and low, low interest loans to very small businesses impacted by Covid. They allow businesses to factor in increased costs incurred due to Covid, in addition to, any revenue impacts. PPP only evaluated an application on revenue loss – and when you’re a new business, there is no 2019 revenue to lose.

The grant money is not in the checking account yet, so I’ve mentally spent it on digital ads and expanding the clothing line to add a scoop neckline for my bustier friends and capri pants without the jogger bottom – and maybe a couple pieces for men.

The $15,000 is awesome and much needed – but the universe telling you to continue following your dream is even more awesome.

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