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I’ve met some really extraordinary people working on Everyday Sabbatical, so regardless of the company's success (and don’t get me wrong, I’m really hoping for success), it’s been a wonderful adventure. Through each phase, I’ve met the “right” person to guide me. How lucky is that?! It’s not all been sunshine, and in the future I’ll share stories about being fired from two vendors, and other aspects of this industry that make me wonder “WTF, people? It’s 2020.” But for now, I'm focusing on the good. Settle in for some gratitude.

Deanna (in NYC) got Everyday Sabbatical's design process started, but then I moved to Denver and Keti brought the brand across the design and pattern-making finish line. Keti introduced me to Rae, who is a gifted designer and seamstress, and sews not only my samples but also the first production run and many items in the second production run too. I was also fortunate to meet and start working with Lindsey and her husband Danny, who own CO Cut & Sew. They are just lovely (and always crazy busy!). Their team cuts all the fabric and is sewing the pants and shorts. Their office is near the King Sooper’s bakery, so it smells like bread and cinnamon buns when I cycle over. Yum!

Katie, who owns a boutique in my building, introduced me to photog Brien, who I feel like I’ve known for ages. Brien introduced me to stylist Whit, whose assistant at the photoshoot was Jackie - also 100% delightful. And Jackie is going to model for the reshoot! (Yep, there is a reshoot. More on that next week.)

My long-time friend, Brad, introduced me to Simon and Lane, who he met in DC. They recently moved from Denver to Richmond, VA (weird, right?) and were neighbors with Katie (yes, the boutique owner). Simon introduced me to Lauren, who is currently proofreading this newsletter and writing copy for the website. She’s gifted with words, which is fab, because I am not. Writing isn’t my thing. My grammar sucks and she “gets” my voice so I can write this – and enjoy writing it – because she’ll fix it! (The typo last week was my fault. I added it last minute and... well, there was a typo.)

But wait, there's more! I met uber-connector, Dare, via long-time friends, Ranga and Amira. Dare introduced me to Bijal, Lucy and Marianna. I met Nima at Bijal’s holiday party. Nima is brilliant at branding and marketing, and when I was freaking out about my vision for the photoshoot and how to communicate it effectively, she got on the phone with me and helped me focus. Marianna, just introduced me to Christine, who I think will help me through Everyday Sabbatical’s next phase. And then there are all the friends who lent me their dog, cars, furniture, props and support for the photoshoot. The list and the gratitude go on and on...!

So when I talk about how lucky I am, it's because I wouldn’t be making a second production run or launching a new website without these talented people who help me generously and - bonus! - make me laugh. In these surreal times, it's helpful to remember that the true metric of success are people and relationships.

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