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Posted by Mini, Founder on

I’ve learned a lot about John Lewis the past couple of days, even though I’ve watched him on the news over the years. He was 23 years old when he marched and spoke in Washington DC. 23 years old and changing the world! There have been many words used to describe him: Hero, civil rights leader, Lion, Conscious of Congress. His official titles include Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and U.S. Representative from the 5th District of Georgia, who championed and sponsored legislation for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, every year for 15 years.

Courageous. That is John Lewis's courage, feistiness, clarity of “right vs wrong” and getting into “Good Trouble” are giving me a lot to think about. I was taught and told not to get into trouble, so I didn’t – and I regret not getting into "Good Trouble." Maybe it’s not too late.

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