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As a kid, I loved making the hand turkeys from construction paper in school for Thanksgiving. I remember dressing up as Indians and Pilgrims in school. (Is this still done or is it too historically inaccurate and un-PC?) Thanksgiving also meant that Santa Claus, presents, and winter break were only a month away. Oh, simpler times.

Other countries celebrate their harvests too. The Korean Harvest Moon Festival (Chu-sok) is sometimes referred to as “Korean Thanksgiving” because it is the traditional time for Koreans to thank their ancestors for the year's harvest. It’s a three-day festival that includes a visit to clean ancestral graves and a memorial rite with food offerings and to-the-floor bowing. Similar to Thanksgiving, everyone travels back home for Chu-sok, except this year.

This year, Thanksgiving means that 2020 is almost over, thank goodness. I mean, at least 2021 won’t have political ads and that’s not nothing, right? It is also a year when I’m truly grateful for everything that I usually take for granted: my health and the health of those I love; the supply chain for food and toilet paper; open grocery stores and restaurants; welcoming front porches, back yards and parks; mental health resources; friends with wicked senses of humor; texts and video calls, and… well, everything awful that didn’t happen and the wonderful things that did like growing Everyday Sabbatical.

G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E. #Thanksgiving 2020


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