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In consumer-products land, people love using the word “brand.” Is it “on brand?” Does that work with “the brand?” Brand, brand, brand, blah, blah, blah. Actions speak louder than words.

Everyday Sabbatical is for women who have a lot in their lives and on their minds and plates. I ruminated a lot on the shipping, returns, and exchanges policies. As a business just starting, costs need to be kept as low as possible – and offering free shipping, returns, and exchanges increases costs, even if you include it into the COGS because you have no idea what the shipping costs are and how many returns and exchanges to model for.

To me, “brand” has always meant “treating customers how I like to be taken care of as a customer.” As a customer, I need convenience and simplicity. Don’t make me do math to see if I qualify for free shipping. Don’t make me buy something I’m not going to use to meet the free-shipping threshold. Don’t make me stand in line to mail something back. I hate paying for shipping separately, even though I know it’s included in the price somehow. And I get annoyed when I can’t find a free shipping promo code.

For Everyday Sabbatical, I email free return labels, so you never have to stand in line at the Post Office or have to figure out if it’s even worth returning something (and have it just sit in your closet) – because that’s a waste of your time, money, and closet space. And I respect and appreciate your busy lives too much. That’s my “brand.”


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