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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on
Apologies for missing the past few weeks.  All is well (thankfully).  I started a new 9-5 job a month ago - so I can continue to invest in Everyday Sabbatical and pay the bills without stressing. I thought juggling both the new job and business would be do-able, but reality hit. I needed time to adjust to the new schedule and demands on my time, brain and energy. This will definitely challenge my procrastination tendencies and (hopefully) instill enough self-discipline to get what I need done, actually done. Thanks to SB, who sent me a much-needed nudge.

I also needed time to figure out my feelings, as a business owner, towards social media. Last year, I felt an overwhelming obligation to post often, even if it wasn’t substantive or meaningful. In 2021, I’m saying “no” to getting sucked into the social media algorithm machine but “yes” to sharing interesting, substantive stories about Everyday Sabbatical and the Everyday Sabbatical woman (that's you :)

… yep, that feels about right.  XOXO, Mini

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