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Posted by Mini, Founder & Owner on

Normal. What a funny word, especially after an unprecedented pandemic. I keep hearing, “when life is ‘back to normal,’” or the “new normal” – and I keep asking, what does that mean? To me? To the people around me? To Everyday Sabbatical? 

When is it ok to attend trade shows so retailers can see, feel, and hopefully buy ES pieces for their stores? When is it ok to plan pop-ups and trunk shows? (These were my original vision for how ES would launch as a brand, but were quickly sidelined last spring.) When is it ok to plan for more than three months at a time?

I don’t think there are “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions, but there are levels of risk and consequence to consider. And it will all happen one step at a time. I hope to participate in summer markets because those are outdoors, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for trunk shows because that means I can see and be with friends and customers again. Doesn’t that sound lovely?!


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